Turn your apple into apple juice

apples imageHave you got lots of apples on your trees?

Are you wondering what to do with them all?

Come to the Craft Fair at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall on Saturday 9th October 10am to 3pm, bring a bag of clean apples and a empty bottle and get freshly pressed apple juice! We will charge a small fee for the pressing and you will receive about a fifth of the weight of your apples as juice.

Hope to see you there!


  1. We had a good time at the apple pressing today – what a great idea! It is always a shame to throw apples away and turning it into juice is a great change from endless crumbles and compotes. The juice tastes really good. Thanks!

  2. Helene and Fergus says:

    Excellent initiative!! Well done!
    So lovely to see everybody getting involve and what a delicious results!!
    Thank you!

  3. Caroline Cardew-Smith says:

    Brilliant! It ws a fantastic day, thank you so much to those who came and helped out, we were rather overwhelmed with the response. The juice is fantastic I have 8 bottles in the freezer – a treat for Xmas.

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