Apples galore at apple pressing…

A big THANK YOU to all of you who brought apples down to the first Transition Ashtead apple pressing at the Craft Fair today!

Thanks also to George of Epsom Apples for the loan of the equipment. We were absolutely overwhelmed with apples to start with but everyone soon pitched in to help with apple chopping, chomping and pressing and we had quite a production line going. Apologies if you had to wait for your juice but the demand was huge!

During the day, we processed an amazing 150kgs of fruit and produced something like 60 litres of fresh juice, all thanks to your enthusiastic help.

It was  a lovely communal activity, with lots of youngsters (young and old) taking turns to turn the wheel on the chomper and push the pole on the presser, burning up lots of energy and making lots of  juice pour out of the apple mash. And the apple-chopping team kept the supply flowing, with many a cry of “More apples please! ” Well done one and all!

I think we might do it all again next Autumn…

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