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The Big Tidy

Do you ever wonder why you put off doing things that you know are going to make life easier but are a bit of a bore so they get the mañana treatment? Well, the clutter-infested allotment shed has been getting mañana management ever since I took over the plot at the end of July. How much procrastination can a woman do, you may ask, and the answer is, quite a lot when it comes to things under the heading of “housework”. I mean, for heavens sake, tidying up would use up valuable digging/pruning/planting/composting time, right?  But it was beginning to annoy me, every time I needed a tool, it was a five minute rummage to find the required item. As the more interesting jobs outside are getting done, the time had come for the Shed Makeover. So I am pleased to report the following Shed Improvements:

  1. All tools now hung on hooks for ease of access (hooks = nails, obviously) so no more untangling of hose pipes and rakes to uncover the fork.
  2. A coat hook (coat hook actually = coat hook! There’s posh!) on the back of the door for anorak and cycle helmet so no need to delve under debris at home time.
  3. Table cleared of clutter so now available for storing thermos and lunch. (No doilies yet, let’s not overdo it…)
  4. Poly rubbish bags inside another poly bag, so they don’t obscure any of the above.
  5. Floor cleared of mud/litter (litter not mine, inherited) /general rubbish. No, I will never use the tea bags left behind by previous occupant.
  6. Rubber-backed mat found outside in remarkably good condition spread on the floor. Not sure about this, could get very muddy, but adds a touch of luxury at lunch time.

The Big Untidy...


The Big Tidy...


...and even a coat hook!

So there it is, I’ll be super-efficient now, a place for everything, everything in it’s place, an end to rummaging…do you think a few posters on the wall would look silly….? Maybe a “Home Sweet Home” sign above the door…

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