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The Black Death



The Black Death plastic, just behind the Autumn carrots


Kamekazi weeds on the left, weeds exit, stage right

With the hard-graft digging done, it is a bit galling to see those rascally weeds poking their cheeky leaves up through the freshly-dug. It is a bit surprising that they think it’s worth putting any effort into getting leafy at this time of year, when surely they will be zapped by the imminent winter chill but they seem determined on this kamekazi course of action. And I’m here to give them a helping hand….It is traditional on allotments to cover the ground with old carpets to suppress weeds during the winter but not having a ready supply of this type of “Tufted Weedol” but plenty of black opaque plastic (aka The Black Death), kindly donated by Bryan, I decided to break with tradition and use that instead. It is now spread over most of the dug areas and pinned to the ground with bricks. And there it’s going to stay until I’m ready to plant seeds in the Spring. I didn’t have quite enough to cover two of the raised beds, so I’m doing a bit of an experiment – in those uncovered areas, I’m going to do a careful hand-weeding job and compare the results come spring with the Black Death areas. Will removing all the autumn sprouters mean there are no seeds and roots left to sprout in Spring? It is a very tedious process I can tell you and I’m glad the areas to be weeded are quite small! I did some yesterday and it took ages and it’s not finished – I can look forward to a few more hours of sprout-removal yet…I think I’ll take the wind-up radio next time and listen to Gardeners Question Time as I weed…By the way, hello to all the global blog-followers – hello Agentina (Euge’s Mum), hello France (Pam), hello Wales (Andrew & Wimke) and hello the World! Post me some comments on what’s growing where you are…


  1. Here in Euston Tower the only thing that’s growing is the patina of lunch residue on my desk.
    There’s remnants of all the lunchtime favourites: cheese twist, chicken soup, falafel & houmous wrap, Mexican style cous-cous, and the obligatory tea and coffee.
    Chicken soup is currently in the lead in terms of length of residency. I think it may now even be spreading its cultural wings and growing in area.

    Any suggestions as to a more aesthetically pleasing desk flora?

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