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Anorexic carrots…

Fantastic – a sunny Sunday and a great day to get down to some planting. I’d arranged to meet Kim from my singing group at the allotment – she is a fairly new gardener and was coming down for the inaugural planting of the season, always a nice thing to do.

I was concerned that the digging part wouldn’t seem much fun (it is, believe me, I love it, but it may be an acquired taste…), so I was keen to finish the last bit before she arrived.  I gave Kim the full allotment tour (compost heap, shed, freshly dug soil!) and then we got down to the business of seed sowing.

The target for the day was to get the beetroot and carrot seeds in. First things first, read the tips in the allotment books and then the instructions on the back of the packet.

Both seed types mentioned moist warm soil (tick!) not recently manured (tick – I had specially reserved an area for non-manuring last autumn, as I knew beetroot doesn’t like to be over-fed. Didn’t know carrots were also anorexic…) and finely raked (tick!)

We made a 1cm deep grooves and Kim sowed both lots of seed while I completed the last section of digging. What a team! A gentle rake over and a light tamping and seed sowing done! We retired to the shed for well-deserved sit down and cups of coffee and tea from our respective thermoses.

Ah, the luxury – who said gardening wasn’t glamourous…?

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