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Cowboy asparagus…

Cowboy asparagus in the saddle...

Spring is such a busy time for veg growing – it’s all happening “down on the farm”! Since I last blogged, there’s been much activity on the allotment, both by me and the sun-energy-converting-food-producers (aka veg…)

The thing I’m most excited about is the arrival of my asparagus plants. I had mail-ordered them ages ago but they are only dispatched at planting time. Having not grown it before, I consulted my veg growing bible, which recommended digging a trench then creating a “saddle” (ie a ridge down the middle of the trench) for the long asparagus roots to straddle. It was jolly hard work – 20 plants, 4 trenches (5 to a trench) – it felt like a lot of soil to shift. Handling with care, I settled the roots on their saddles and loosely covered them with soil. And now, every time I visit the allotment, I add a bit more soil as the tips emerge. The trenches are nearly completely refilled now – there are 2 places where the tips are not doing so well, but hopefully they will catch up soon…

I have also planted garlic (doing well!), red onions (smaller than the garlic but sprouting well), 2 potato varieties (Cara and Charlotte, both now pushing up leaves and in need of earthing up). The inherited blackcurrants are showing signs of life, as are the gooseberries. I have butter nut squashes and celeriac in pots at home, all germinated. The carrots and beetroot Kim planted are up too.

Last years leeks still looking good and I take some home most days I visit the allotment – I may have to invest in a bigger rucksack to take my produce home in this summer, I’m hoping for bumper crops!

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