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Donkey Aid

Donkey mulched raspberries...

The long-awaited delivery of donkey manure, courtesy of Judith and Don, has happened at last! Many thanks, J & D, for your patience – it seemed like every time we planned to meet at the allotment, something stopped it happening – if it wasn’t rain, it was holes dug in the access road to lay the new water pipes. And when the rendez-vous finally came, the Donkey Lorry (containing the 2 donkeys as well – they are so cute!) was too tall to go under the height barrier! I don’t believe it! Don ended up wheel-barrowing the bags of manure quite a long way…Molte grazie, Don! So the soft fruit (raspberries, gooseberries and blackcurrants) has had a good mulching of donkey doo manure (very special…), so they should do very well this year…Oops, forgot to put any on the rhubarb, but there is plenty left……

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