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Browned off spuds! potatoes should look ie green not brown!

When is Spring really going to arrive? Today is a lot warmer but this week’s frost has had a bit of a go at my potatoes…they are well up and have out-grown the heaping-up several times but their heads were well above soil level when the frost struck. Imagine my dismay when I saw the green leaves had gone droopy and brown. I was as browned off as the spuds! I am being a bit of a drama queen here, cos they are not completely dead, there are green leaves around the base of the plants and I think they will rally and survive. But I should have raced down and heaped up more earth when I heard the weather forecast. (Mind you, I would have needed search lights or night vision goggles, as I had watched the half past ten weather…very poor forward planning!) I didn’t have the camera with me, so next time I’m down there, I’ll record, hopefully, the Potato Revival. It seems the frost has caught a lot of gardeners on the hop, so I’m not alone. But you live and learn…

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