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16th September

The courgette crop.

The courgette crop!

Weeds that turned out to be radishes!

The weeds that turned out to be radishes.

 Having been on holiday, followed by a weekend away, I was beginning to get allotment withdrawal symptoms. But I have been down this morning and made a start on repairing my neglect. The weeds were beginning to think they owned the place but they have had their come-uppance today! Some weeds actually turned out to be radishes, which was nice…The Autumn King carrot seeds I sowed before I went away have  come up but had begun to get a bit choked with weeds – they have now had some TLC in the form of careful hand-weeding to let them get some fresh air and sunlight. I’ve also made a start on hacking back the brambles that were over-growing the path, now that the blackberry season seems to be over. It’s all go! There was one courgette/marrow to harvest, so that’ll be for supper tonight!

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