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Young and tender carrots for dinner...

After the disappointing Autumn carrot crop at the end of last year (see blog of 24th December…)

I am very pleased to announce a “win” for the human gardener at the allotment. I thought I’d thin out the carrots, as they are looking a bit squished up, and the “thinnings” are quite thick!! Marvelous!

I’d left them to grow without thinning, as I’d read somewhere that you shouldn’t thin carrots, as it  gives carrot fly a sniff of “eau de carrot”, and they come flocking to ruin the roots.

Don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve got no carrot fly! So I’ve beaten the rabbits and the pesky carrot fly…Guess what we’re having for dinner tonight – yep, nice, sweet, young and tender carrots!

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