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Hello Charlotte…

Jewels in the Ground...

Let the cropping commence… I have dug up the first potatoes, some Charlotte salad ones and they are DELISH! Just plain boiled, with a dash of butter, they are an adornment to any meal…although I say it myself.

They have much more flavour than bought ones (…possibly a hint of rose-flavoured tongue, do you think?)   It’s really good to dig them up, like buried treasure, trying not to spear them with the fork – there have been a few casualties so far but not too many…It’s great to be able to harvest them at all, after they got badly nipped by that late frost.

They’ve made a good recovery. The red onions have also been pulled up- actually they seem to fling themselves out of the ground somehow – once the green tops go floppy, they kind of fall over, out of the ground. I’ve not grown them before, so onion behaviour is all new to me. I have to report that they are not as huge as they looked when they were growing – they had quite broad shoulders sticking out of the soil but are a bit on the skinny side – maybe they haven’t thrived in this hot weather, although I have been devoutly watering them at least every other day. Perhaps that isn’t enough when it’s this hot.

They are currently drying in the shed – I thought I’d tie then in plaits, à la Français…then I can cycle home with them on my handle bars….

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