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Before (July 2009)

...and after (August 2010))

Bonus blackberries!

It whizzed by so fast, I missed it! I was slightly distracted by the celebrations for my husband’s 60th birthday on August 1st, but the allotments FIRST birthday was on 30th July! The before and after pics tell some of the story…when I took delivery of it a year ago, you could loose small children in the tall grass (I did in fact glimpse Hansel and Gretel at one point…) Now, it is mostly under control and looking pretty organized. A whole year of allotmenting! Do I count as an old hand now? I have learnt a thing or two along the way…like asparagus needs to be protected by netting to prevent infestation by asparagus beetle. And you do need to water potatoes when it’s really dry, even if they are planted quite deep in the ground – I think the crop has suffered from water deficiency, it has been an incredibly dry summer. I went down today to check how the French beans were doing, planted where I had grown the onions and garlic, and I’m pleased to report they are doing well so far, more growing to do but a good start. But it was bonus day on the allotment. – there were loads of blackberries! Not planted by me, just growing wild in the hedge next to my plot. I’ve got blackberry-coloured fingers now and a saucepan full of blackberry & apple (windfalls from the garden) Looking forward to eating those!

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