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Monday 5th October


The Source


The Transport


The Destination

 A bit of the brown stuff…

The long-postponed Manure Epic has been achieved at last! Much high-quality horse manure has been collected from Margaret’s horse field (The Source – thank you Margaret!) and transported to the allotment and barrowed up to the freshly-dug manure-hungry soil. It was the digging that has held up progress on this little project – I didn’t want to bring the stuff in until the ground was clearded of weeds and ready to receive it. But the digging is now virtually complete (thank goodness…) and the soil is in dire need of livening up with a bit of The Brown Stuff! My husband Andy has been more than generous in providing The Transport, which we did by lining his car with an old tarpaulin and then shovelling in the manure. It really doesn’t smell at all…Trundling the full wheel barrows up from the car to the plot (The Destination) was hard work but I’m hoping that next years crops will be ample reward for our efforts. The third batch was delivered last night, in the nick of time before the rains eventually came. Messing about with manure after a drenching would have been an altogether more slippery business…

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