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Irrigation Kit - new hose, John's hose and Hettie's hose!

 Hoses galore!

 Work on the allotment now is all about getting ready for next years growing season. In preparation for next summer’s watering requirements, I have now got my Irrigation Kit sorted out. It must be about 100metres from the tap up to the top of my plot, so a huge length of hose is needed. John on the next door plot suggested we share hoses – he has one that will reach up to the lower end of my plot, so I bought a 30m length to get to the top. I was then chatting to Hettie who lives over the road from me and she said if only I’d mentioned it before, as she has a surplus of hoses and could let me have some! I said I was sure they’d come in handy anyway, so now I am really well equipped! Hoses galore! I found a bag of hose pipe connectors in the garage, so I can join the pieces together. There is an old cast iron bath on the plot that will do as a reservoir, for dunking watering cans when only a little water is needed but it will need filling up by hose now and then – may be filled up by rain by the spring. It has a plank in it so any small animals that fall in have an escape route. Not sure how they could fall in, but a squirrel could fall in out of a tree. Or maybe a mountaineering mouse will abseil up for a drink…all accidental swimmers are safe anyway!

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