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The good news is that many of the solutions for the climate change also address the threats from peak oil – and vice versa.

Transition towns around the world have found they can make a difference. International and national activities are important but we can all make an impact on making Ashtead more resilient. For example:

  • Local food production: creating community gardens and orchards, more allotments, support for local farmers, and local food co-operatives.
  • Energy descent: moving Ashtead from a high energy consumption to a low one. Saving money, improving standards of living and cutting energy projects and other initiatives.
  • Improved transport: encouraging cycling, walking, car-sharing and better public transport.
  • More local business: supporting suppliers. More resilient businesses and sustainable jobs in Ashtead.

…and so much more – all ideas welcome.

So, climate change and peak oil – not doom and gloom but a chance to change things for a sustainable Ashtead.

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