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Compost Bin

If you want advice on what compost bin to choose, or how to make compost faster, then visit Compost Works at for everything you need to know about composting.

Want to rent a garden shredder? There are shredders available in Ashtead, Leatherhead, Bookham, Dorking and Ockley   – for just £10.00 per day. The machines are quiet and easy to use. They are good for shredding ‘woody’ materials such as prunnings from hedges, shrubs and fruit trees – up to about 30mm (1¼ inches) diameter.  By use of this kit just once a year I don’t need to have the Mole Valley Council’s ‘brown-lid’ compost bin collection.

A big thank you to Len, (who came to our climate change open meeting on Monday) for the information above.


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