Hot Water and Electricity from the Sun – Renewable Energy for your home

Photovoltaic panels

We are having a presentation on solar energy on the evening of 2nd February (not 26th January as previously stated) at the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall (APMH). The aim is to cover both solar thermal (hot water) and Photovoltaic (electricity) production systems that are suitable for domestic use.
Our speaker is Richard Warren from Solstice Energy, an approved PV and Solar thermal systems installer – Solstice have recently installed a PV system on Tony Cooper’s house here in Ashtead.

Solar Hot water panel

Richard will discuss the different types of solar systems and the advantages and constraints on the installations. He will also cover the Government’s incentive programme (Feed in Tariff Scheme) for the installation of renewable energy units, including domestic premises, that makes PV installations potentially able to provide a 8-9% rate of return on capital invested.
The meeting is planned for 8.00 p.m. on 2nd February at the Marshall Room in the APMH.
Barrie Mould
TA Energy Group


  1. Dear Ashtead Transition,

    I am writing from a new National campaign called Climate Week (21-27 March). I am writing to all Transition groups to see whether individual transition groups would like to organise events to celebrate all the wonderful work they do in environmental and community work during Climate Week.

    We are asking people to get involved by arranging events, both existing and/or new to coincide with Climate Week.  These could be anything, ranging from a small gathering to large-scale event. The important factor is that you get a chance to show off the important steps you already making towards combating climate change and to focus attention on ideas that can help overcome challenges both present and future.

    I have attached links to Transition Worcester and Transition Farnham to inspire you:

    We also have a Climate Week Awards, which will recognise the outstanding efforts to help combat climate change and exemplary steps that can help create a low-carbon, sustainable society.  Judges will be looking for evidence of innovation and impact; more details of the judging criteria are available at  The Climate Week Awards are free and easy to enter: the deadline for which is the 4th February.

    Our website is

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to talk about your ideas! If you do decide to get involved I would love to hear from you,

    Kind Regards,

    Ligia Baracat

  2. Barrie Mould says


    Transition Ashtead along with other Transition Towns in this area and Guildford are planning a eco-homes event for the weekend of 26/27th March at the end of Climate Change week. We are currently looking for property owners who have already got some interesting resource efficiency investments in their homes to be prepared to open them up for organised tours that weekend. Once we know what we have to show we will be encouraging people to sign up to come and see what is possible. Watch the Transition Ashtead web-site for further information as the scheme develops.


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