Surrey Eco Homes Event

Action Surrey, an organisation set up by originally by Woking Borough Council, is organising a Surrey Eco Homes event on the weekend of 26/27th March to inspire members of the public and homeowners to learn about energy saving measures and renewable technology from those who have already been there and done it.

Several of Surrey’s Borough and District Councils and other groups including Transitions Ashtead, Bookham, Dorking and Guildford, the Epsom Energy Group and Sustainable Redhill are working with Action Surrey on this. Similar events have been held recently in Brighton, Oxford and elsewhere.

We are looking for homeowners to open their doors for one day, under controlled conditions, to members of the public to demonstrate and discuss what they have done in their homes to make it more environmentally friendly and/or energy efficient.

We want to showcase a range of techniques and technologies, including high-quality loft and wall insulation, photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, heat pumps, wood-fired boilers and others.

If you might be prepared to open (part of) your house for others to look around, then please contact Action Surrey for more details. (Contact details at the end of this page.)

What we would need from you:

  1. For you to open your house for 1 day (either Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th March)
  2. Complete a risk assessment of your property – Action Surrey will provide a template for this.
  3. Provide a very short description of your property type and energy saving measures installed
  4. Decide on your opening hours, how many tours you wish to take and duration of tours
  5. Provide us with a photo of your property
  6. Identify rooms you are happy for people to enter or not enter (previous events similar to this use a bit of red tape/ribbon/no entry signs to indicate which rooms are off limits).
  7. Talk to members of the public about what you have done on the day

Action Surrey will ensure we have verifiable contact information of visitors who will be required to book in advance, and bring identification with them on the day that matches their booking information.

Children under 14 will not be permitted to register or be part of a visiting group.

How will it work?

Action Surrey will handle the publicity but may need a quote or couple of photos from homeowners. They are developing a brochure and a brief outline of what each house has installed in it. Homeowners will be given guidance on how to manage visitors, a FAQ sheet and be required to agree to a disclaimer. Action Surrey has arranged insurance cover for the event, and is setting up a web-based booking scheme


  1. Members of the public register their details (email, address, contact) with Action Surrey online or by telephone.
  2. They are directed to a web page with the eco-houses featured on a map (non-identifiable), with a very basic bit of text, image and description of what is installed there. They can also download more information here.
  3. People can click on the house they wish to visit and be sent through to an event page for that property. Here they can book free tickets to visit that house and will have to provide personal contact information.
  4. They can then visit the property where the homeowners will be expecting them.
  5. Tickets will be limited. The maximum size of groups and the number and timing of groups are decided by the homeowner.
  6. If visitors wish to book to see more than one house they will need to do so separately through the dedicated web pages for each property.
  7. There will be a web-based and/or paper-based feedback system to request feedback information from the visitors.

Tours and managing visitors

Homeowners can run as many tours as they like but we suggest the following;

  • 3-4 tours in a day between 10am-4pm
  • Max of 8 people per tour
  • Tours to take up to 30 minutes.

What to do now

If interested please contact or ring Action Surrey at 0800 783 2503 to register your interest and find out more.

We need to have the list of properties complete by mid-February so that the event can be properly publicised.

If you don’t want to take part as a homeowner but would like to take part as a visitor monitor the website. This website is still under preparation, for the time being see

Please pass this message on to any individuals or groups that you think might be interested.

The Future

We plan to set up a Surrey-wide buyers’ club for energy-generating and energy-saving technologies, inspired by the success of similar clubs in Marlow and Wimbledon, using in part the interest generated by this event.

PS There is a national climate change week (see from 21st -27th March which our event is timed to coincide with.