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The meeting on 7 April I have just written about is intended to be the first activity in a plan of activities throughout the year that will promote the importance of reducing domestic energy consumption and carbon emissions to Ashtead residents.

We plan to have three public events – the first on 7 April to initiate interest, the second in June as a main event to have speakers and workshop/exhibitions on relevant locally available technology.  The third event is to have a speaker and equipment display on home renewable energy options.

On top of the public events we intend to do the following.

  • Set up a library of locally available energy efficiency equipment – some to show and some to loan e.g. draught meters, LED and low energy light bulbs, power meters so people can see and try them out.
  • Get a small number of people trained in (a) draught proofing methodologies so they can train others to create a pool of people who can do this and (b) advising people on the grants available for domestic carbon reduction work and if necessary helping people complete the grant application forms.   We plan to carry this out as part of the Ashtead churches Act10n initiative in 8-12 July, and so the main beneficiaries should be needy and vulnerable people.
  • Research local suppliers of energy efficiency and renewable energy suppliers and identify those with real expertise and good reputations and create a preferred supplier list or get them added to the approved trade lists such as Checkatrade.

All this will need money and so we applied to Surrey County Council’s new Climate Change Fund for the money we think we’ll need.  I’m pleased to say that we’ve been successful and so we should now have the money to do all we want this year.

Derek Smith

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