About Transition Ashtead

WHAT IS TRANSITION ABOUT?  Transition Ashtead is a non political group of local people who got together to meet the potential challenges of peak oil, carbon emissions,  climate change and the many serious issues facing our environment. We are united by a belief that we can make a real difference for the future, that by taking small steps to change our life styles, and by all of us being actively involved in local projects and issues we can make Ashtead resilient. One of our aims is to raise awareness of the issues so we can all learn about the global problems and how we can help locally. The five key areas are:

Energy, Food, Transport, Biodiversity and Waste & Recycling.

The enthusiasm and input from residents, business and local organisations makes a huge difference to what we can achieve.  Please join us and see what we can do if we all work together. The idea is that we ‘transition’ gradually towards making Ashtead a greener and more sustainable village. We can have fun, and strengthen the community on the way!

Transition Ashtead is just one of several hundred groups across the world. For more about the Transition Network http://www.transitionnetwork.org/

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