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The wraps are off!

The Black Death rolled back - spot the freshly dug and the lack of weeds in the un-dug soil!

The snow has melted, the sun is beginning to shine and Spring is slowly arriving! Hurrah!! Winter is not an exciting time in the garden but as soon as the days get longer and warmer, everything starts to grow again.

There was much evidence of activity on neighbouring allotments – lots of neatly dug beds sporting fleecy cloche tunnels and tents of netting over newly planted seeds.

I see I am a little tardy in getting down here for the Spring Action! My boots had spent the winter in the shed and were a bit cold when I put them on but at least no mice were nesting in them…

My allotment has been tucked up nice and cosily for the winter under black weedocidal plastic but the wraps have come off now and The Black Death has done it’s magic – there were hardly any weeds growing when I took it off and the ones that had struggled to grow were pale and, well, weedy!

It was a fairly quick job to fork over the ground and dig in the remaining manure that the worms hadn’t ‘wormed’. I took it slowly, to break the digging muscles in gently (Bend your knees, Mother!), with plenty of sitting down to admire the progress.

I also pruned the black current bushes – they are not looking too good, though. I inherited them from the previous allotmenteer and they look like quite old plants. A lot of the twigs seemed dead when I pruned them. But we’ll wait and see what happens – maybe some of them will start sprouting.

Next job, get planting and sowing!


  1. Jim spell chequer says

    hello Chris hope you dont get a shock from those currant wishes Jim.

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