Sunday 5th October 2014

Apple Pressing Day & collecting for Ashtead Apple Juice. Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Midday to 3pm

We will have a demonstration apple press which you can come and try making your own juice. We are also collecting apples this year to take to Ringden Farm to be commercially pressed, pasteurised and bottled. The juice will be ready for collection about a month later. More details to follow. Bring your apples along!

10am to 4pm

As part of the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall 90th anniversary celebrations, in the main APMH hall we will have  a display showing the food available in the years 1924-1954 including rationing and we are contrasting that with a display of the abundance of foods available in 2014 to highlight our ‘War on Food Waste’.


Himalayan Balsam clearing, River Mole at Leatherhead Friday 15th August 2014



Ashtead Village Day, Saturday 8th June 2014 Our theme was ‘War on Food Waste’. Our display was 1944 contrasted with 2014.

Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 90th anniversary celebration – Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd March 2014 We are delighted to have a stand in the hall for this opening of the celebrations.